My ex boyfriend and I were blessed with a wonderful, healthy son. Unfortunately my ex boyfriend turned out to have anger problems which caused him to be verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. He was a cop in a small, neighboring town and the PD there finally forced him out.

I have no family in this area and felt very much alone. I hired Travis Ware and he accomplished everything we had requested. We won sole custody, a protective order that forbids access to me, child support and all the exclusive rights to make all decisions concerning our child.

Travis and his staff gave me wonderful advice and showed great patience in handling my case. They were great support. I am so grateful for their representation.

I recommend Travis Ware and his firm to anybody going through a divorce or custody case.



I first heard about Travis Ware while overhearing a fellow coworker discussing her divorce. From all appearances, she wound up getting the raw end of the deal. When she was asked who her ex husband had for an attorney, I kept my face buried in my cellphone, but I was all ears. When she said “Travis Ware,” I made a mental note to remember that name. And boy am I glad I did!

At that time I was in an abusive marriage that I needed to get out of, and I needed an attorney who would be able to circumvent all the tricks that the ex had up his sleeve. Not only did Travis deliver, he delivered in spades. In addition, his staff was awesome. Everyone was very supportive and made me feel as though I was the only client!  

Without reservation, I recommend Travis Ware to be on your side when going through a difficult divorce!



“My ex boyfriend and I were blessed with a wonderful, healthy son. Unfortunately my ex boyfriend turned out to have anger problems which caused him to be verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. He was a cop in a small, neighboring town and the PD there finally forced him out.

I have no family in this area and felt very much alone. I hired Travis Ware and he accomplished everything we had requested. We won sole custody, a protective order that forbids access to me, child support and all the exclusive rights to make all decisions concerning our child.

Travis and his staff gave me wonderful advice and showed great patience in handling my case. They were great support. I am so grateful for their representation.

I recommend Travis Ware and his firm to anybody going through a divorce or custody case.” KA.

“I was a victim of medical malpractice. I hired Travis Ware because he has never lost a jury trial on a medical malpractice case. My case was complicated because of the nature of my injury and the area of practice, that being neurosurgery.


Travis associated Mike Millsap. Together they reviewed my case and found an expert who was well qualified and willing to testify about the wrong done to me. Travis, Ben Garcia and Mike Millsap prepared the case for trial. Travis and Ben presented my case to a jury and, after eight days of trial, the jury awarded exactly the amount Travis and Ben requested, that being 1.4 million dollars.


I recommend Ware Shay & Garcia to anybody who is seriously injured by a doctor, nurse, or other medical provider. Travis, Ben and Mike showed me compassion and proved to me that they are the best lawyers to represent victims of medical malpractice.” N.A.


“When my husband suddenly decided to act like “dad of the year” and try to wrestle my young children away from me, I hired Travis Ware on my divorce and ensuing custody battle. Travis took my case very seriously and he overpowered my manipulative husband to the point where my husband finally agreed to a settlement with which I was most satisfied.


Divorce is a stressful time, especially where children are concerned. I put my faith in Travis Ware and he came through for me. I recommend Travis Ware to anybody who is in need of a compassionate but very tough trial lawyer.” S.J.


“My husband and I hired Travis Ware and his firm to represent us in a wrongful death action where our son was killed in a multiple vehicle accident. Because there were multiple vehicles, the case proved to be very difficult. After tirelessly pursuing the litigation, Travis and his colleague, Mike Millsap, managed to maneuver us into such a favorable position that the defense finally agreed to settle our case before going to trial.


My husband and I lost our son, but we gained some justice, thanks to the expertise of Travis Ware and Mike Millsap.” Y.C.


“When I decided I wanted to move myself and young daughter to Houston, from Lubbock, I found out that it was no easy matter. My ex threw a fit and hired a lawyer. I hired Travis Ware because of his reputation in the courtroom and his vast experience in family law. Travis gave me excellent advice and counsel, which I carefully followed. When we went to trial, Travis overwhelmed the opposing side and the judge granted me the right to move my daughter to Houston, where I have married and am expecting another child.


If I ever again need legal assistance, I know where I am going!” C.S.


“Texas no longer allows grandparents to have grandparent rights. My son went to prison and his ex was involved with drugs and all kinds of disreputable people. I went to Travis Ware, seeking custody of my two very young grandchildren. Travis compassionately but aggressively pursued my claim and after multiple hearings Travis won custody of my grandchildren for me. Now I can give my grandchildren the home and security they deserve.


I have told all of my friends and family to recommend Travis Ware to anybody needing a lawyer.” D.B


“My husband is a local physician and I am a medical provider. When our marriage began to fall apart, I hired Travis Ware because I knew that this was going to be a complicated case with young children and property interests to be divided.  Travis tried to encourage me to work out my marriage and I tried, but it was not to be.  My ex hired an attorney who is known for dragging out divorce/custody cases. Travis tried to make the opposing attorney see that this divorce could be settled and my ex and I could co-parent and run our business together without all of the courtroom drama.The opposing attorney kept insisting on turning our case into a bloodbath.  Finally, I was able to convince my ex that Travis was right and we could peacefully settle our differences.


My ex fired his attorney and he and I agreed on the terms of our divorce, including custody and property.  Travis’ office prepared the many documents necessary for our agreement and settlement of all of the complicated issues.


Today, my ex and I successfully co-parent and work together in our business, thanks to the way that Travis professionally handled our divorce and he saved us a fortune.” S.M.


“I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance last year, when I was in a really bad place in life.  My first lawyer told me I needed to accept the DA’s offer for 15 months of incarceration in state jail.  I did not feel like he was really trying, so I went to see Benjamin Garcia at Ware Shay and Garcia.  I hired Ben and, within days of being hired, he began fighting for me by challenging the illegal search of my vehicle.  We were able to settle my case for deferred adjudication probation and I did not have to go to state jail after all.  I am so glad I hired Ben Garcia at Ware Shay and Garcia.”  M.C.

“Travis Ware represented me in a personal injury claim in Lubbock.  I was seriously injured and the case was hotly disputed.  Travis Ware and his associates did an amazing job and they helped me to win a great recovery.”  P.S.

 “Travis Ware and Suzie Shay represented me in my contested divorce from my spouse of over 30 years.  Of course, divorce is not easy, but Travis and Suzie were available to answer all my questions and to provide excellent guidance, throughout the divorce process.  Travis and Suzie made sure I was awarded the property I was entitled to, including a significant portion of my spouse’s employment retirement account.  I was very pleased with the outcome of the property dispute and with the way Ware Shay and Garcia handled my divorce.  I would highly recommend Travis Ware and his law firm to anyone needing an experienced, compassionate, and aggressive family law attorney.”  V.D.

“It has been a pleasure to have Travis Ware represent me in a family law case for modification of child custody. I am forever grateful. My life and my kids’ lives will never be the same. That is priceless to my family!  I appreciate all that Ware Shay and Garcia have done and will never forget it.  Every chance I get, I always refer people to Ware Shay and Garcia.”  J.S

“Ware Shay & Garcia, PLLC, did a top notch job of not only representing us, but representing us in a manner that allowed us to keep our heads held high during the process. It wasn’t just important for us to win, but to win our way. Ms. Shay handled our case with grace and integrity. Most importantly we were always kept informed. We were so impressed that we now use Ware Shay & Garcia for all manners of legal opinions, documents and processes. We HIGHLY recommend the entire law firm, top to bottom.” -W.B.

“Years ago, my company was wrongfully being sued for an injury sustained on our premises. Suzie Shay at Ware Shay & Garcia, represented me and the case never went to court but was instead dismissed with prejudice. Since then, she has become one of my closest friends and has assisted in any and all of my corporate legal matters. She also helped me form a second limited liability company. I am exceptionally lucky to have met such a excellent lawyer and wonderful person.” – C.J.T.

“As a father seeking custody of a young daughter and son, I knew I was in an “uphill battle”. That is why I hired Ware Shay & Garcia, PLLC. Ware Shay & Garcia, PLLC are over-the-top competent, intuitive, caring and responsive. They were outstanding in and out of the courtroom. They always kept me informed and up-to-date on any issues that arose. Travis Ware won custody of my children for me. I could not have asked for a better team to represent me in my divorce and child custody case. They were always there for me. I would highly recommend the knowledgeable and dedicated law firm Ware Shay & Garcia, PLLC to anyone who might be seeking legal services, especially fathers who are seeking primary custody!” – B.H.

“The law firm of Ware, Shay & Garcia has been my choice for representation for over 5 years. I have had a very contentious relationship with my ex-husband for many years. I had two attorneys prior to hiring Ware, Shay & Garcia. I have had AMAZING results over the 5 years. For the first time, I felt like I was dealing with not only experienced attorneys, but ones who genuinely cared about my children and wanted to fight for what was best for them. I trust them wholeheartedly, which is difficult to say as I had such terrible experiences with the two prior attorneys I had hired. I highly recommend them and in fact, have referred several friends to their office for representation. Those friends would also highly recommend their services. Please do your research and I believe you will find that the firm of Ware, Shay & Garcia will fight for your rights and for your family.” – S.F.

“Travis Ware represented me in my divorce and in my custody case and I was very happy with the outcome of my cases. In my divorce case my ex and I were disputing over the division of property and debt and Travis fought hard for my rights. He is aggressive and truly cares about his clients. I did not feel like “just another case.” I have recommended Ware Shay & Garcia to my friends and family and would definitely use their firm again.” – R.D.

“Recently I got in criminal trouble for the first time. I thought I was going to be stuck with a conviction and that there was nothing I could do about it. Then I was referred to Travis Ware, where they got my case dismissed. I am very thankful for their help and all they have done for me and my case.” – J.E.

“After the police conducted an illegal search of my car and criminal charges were filed against me, I hired Travis Ware and Ben Garcia to represent me. They challenged the illegal search by filing a motion to suppress and were able to get the case completely dismissed. I would recommend anyone charged with a crime to hire Ware Shay & Garcia because they will fight for you and protect your rights. In fact, when a close family member got in some trouble recently, I told her to hire Travis Ware and Ben Garcia. She did and had a great outcome too.” – P.M.

“When I had some criminal problems, I hired Travis Ware because of his reputation as the best trial lawyer in town. Travis and Ben Garcia were able to get my case dismissed entirely because the police did an illegal stop on the vehicle I was driving. I have recommended Travis Ware and Ben Garcia to my family and friends and, if I ever need a lawyer again, I will definitely go back to Ware Shay and Garcia.” – I.P.

“In 2014, I was arrested and charged with a serious felony. Travis Ware and Ben Garcia represented me in my criminal case and fought extremely hard for me. I could tell that they really care about their clients and want to do their very best for them. Travis and Ben challenged the constitutionality of the statutes at issue in my case and fought for my constitutional rights. I liked how they did not just take what the District Attorney offered. They did everything they could to protect my rights and get me the best outcome possible, which they did. In the end, the state backed off the case and agreed to dismiss the case entirely. Now I will be able to get the arrest and case expunged. I recommend Ware Shay & Garcia to everybody I talk to who needs a lawyer.” – T.P.

“I was married for 34 years. I caught my husband being unfaithful. The Ware Shay & Garcia law firm was supportive in my effort to reconcile, however, reconciliation failed. Travis Ware represented me in my divorce case and he recovered approximately 60% of our marital property for me, despite my ex-husband’s efforts to move assets. Throughout the process the Travis and the Ware Shay & Garcia staff was supportive. Travis Ware exhibited the necessary toughness to negotiate a very favorable settlement for me in my divorce. I will recommend Ware Shay & Garcia to all of my friends and contacts.” – V.M.

“I hired Ware, Shay & Garcia to represent me for a felony and two misdemeanor charges stemming from a horrible divorce. They fought very hard to work on my case the entire three years it was pending. They were able to obtain an amazing deal and I have no convictions on my record. They treated me like a human being, not a criminal. I was always treated with the upmost respect and dignity while dealing with such an embarrassing matter. Look no further than Ware, Shay & Garcia, they can get the job done!” – S.J.

“I have known of Attorney Travis Ware and his reputation as one of the best trial attorneys since I was a little girl. So when the time came for me to seek legal wisdom and council as an adult, I turned to Ware, Shay, & Garcia. I expected to have excellent representation, but I never expected such kindness and respect. I was wowed that a reputable trial attorney could also be so caring, compassionate and sincere regarding the needs of my little girl. In fact, I have never had such amazing service until I walked through their door. It was an extremely difficult time in my life where they needed to know absolutely everything about me and in the process they made me feel like I was with family and the greatest of friends. They always took the time to answer every one of my questions no matter how busy they were and always addressed putting my mind and heart at peace every step of the way. They are truly what I have always wanted in my attorneys: experience, knowledge, empathy, and power all in one. They will give their utmost to fight for your cause and make it their very own as they did for mine. If I could sum them up in two words it would be: Truly Outstanding! Thank y’all for everything and for being the voice that needed to be heard for my little girl and myself. Thank you.” – M.J.

“Suzie Shay and Ben Garcia have both represented me personally and with regard to my business on separate occasions. They handled my cases with the professionalism you would expect from a top law firm, while still giving you that West Texas hospitality. I would recommend their firm to anyone needing legal representation.” – D.M.

“I was injured when I fell in a local restaurant. I seriously injured my shoulder, requiring multiple surgeries to repair the damage. I missed work and I was in great pain. Travis Ware and his staff obtained a great result for me. Now I refer everybody to Ware Shay & Garcia.” – P.S.