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Your rights as a party in family law matters are likely the rights you hold most precious. Family law proceedings can have a great impact on your rights as a spouse or as a parent. Make sure you choose a law firm with proven results.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you need attorneys who will fight for your rights and with a proven track record.

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When your freedom and future are at stake, you need aggressive and compassionate legal representation.

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At Ware & Garcia, PLLC, our attorneys are compassionate, aggressive and experienced and are here to help when you need legal representation. Our founder, Travis Ware, has over 37 years of trial experience.  Travis Ware’s storied career as a former Lubbock County District Attorney, and successful private practice experience uniquely qualify him to compassionately and aggressively represent you in even the most sensitive legal matters.

Ware & Garcia, PLLC is a general litigation firm.  We represent clients in Family Law cases, Personal Injury litigation, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Probate, Contract Disputes, Entity Formation, Immigration, and more.  We represent a broad spectrum of clients, including individuals as well as businesses.

Protect your rights and let our experience, knowledge and guidance lead the way.  Our track record of proven success will give you confidence that you are getting the representation you deserve.

Now legal services are provided by many companies and private specialists. For someone who wants professional advice on a particular issue, it can be a problem because it is very easy to get confused about various proposals. To avoid making the mistake of choosing whom to go for advice, consider these points:

  1. Specialization – it is best to go to a company that employs several people, each of whom specializes in a particular area of law, to be sure that you are communicating with a competent professional on the issue.
  2. Experience – avoid sharing with inexperienced lawyers who are not familiar enough with real practice as much as possible.
  3. Reputation – always check how conscientious the company you approached is (with the Internet’s modern possibilities, it is not difficult to do it).

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  • Information about the prospects of solving an issue, a guide to action, taking into account changes in legislation and court precedents.
  • Principles of application of legislative acts, necessary for protecting interests in court and other state bodies.
  • Technical support in drafting contracts, claims, petitions, actions, appeals, wills and other legal documents.
  • Opportunity to analyze the situation in a short time, without leaving your home or office, without material expenses.
  • Ability to leave an application to meet with a specialist.

Suppose you need protection tactics or full legal support. In that case, the site can arrange a meeting with a lawyer who may agree to represent your interests in courts and other law enforcement agencies.


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